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Hungarian wins the Industrial Rope Access Cup 2010

The 5th open German championship in rope access, following thrilling competition, concluded with a narrow victory by the Hungarian Ligeti Márton. Of the 23 competitors from Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, and Lithuania, Ligeti Márton achieved victory with 782 total points. Last year’s winner Michael Rafikov from Russia reached second place, his countryman Evgeniy Venskyi third place.
The best German, with a result of 751 points, and thus German champion was Knut Foppe, one of FISAT’s most experienced certifiers. The Berliner reached 5th place in the total ranking.
The contestants had to compete on three different rope stations, with determining factors being both speed in rope ascent and descent as well as skillfulness.

List of the winning places here.

For Press Information please click here.

Industrial Climber Cup 2008

The Russian Mihael Rafikow, with a best time of 10 minutes and 57 seconds, landed the 4th Industrial Climber Cup. Hungarians Viktor Németh and Orban Balazs secured 2nd and 3rd place. Knut Foppe, after an accident in the second round, went on to claim 5th place as best German contestant. Last year's winner Aleksandr Phillipov came in fourth. Full press reports with detailed results from August 2 are available here (only in German). 

Press release from July 1, 2008 (only in German)

Spidermen in the big city jungle?

What exactly is an industrial climber? Where does this technique come from? And do you immune to vertigo?

An interview with FISAT officials Frank Seltenheim and Holger Nawrocki on the occasion of the 3rd Industrial Climber Cup in 2007 gives the answers. Here is the link to the complete interview (only in German).

Maintenance of wind-energy facilities

Frank Seltenheim, General Secretary of FISAT writes in the magazine "Erneuerbare Energien" [Renewable Energy] about the increasing use of industrial climbers on wind-energy facilities and summarizes the history of the development of rope-access techniques in Germany.

The article appeared in the issue 8/2008. Read it here! (only in German)

Industrial Climber Cup 2007

The Industrial Climber Cup 2007 was for the first time held in the heart of the scene, in Berlin. On February 17, elite climbers from five countries met in the skater arena in Friedrichshain to determine who is the best. Moscow citizen Aleksandr Philippov had the best time with 8 minutes and 2 seconds. Last year's winner, Knut Foppe, came in second, in front of number 3 from Hungary, Viktor Németh.

Press release from February 17, 2007, with the results and times of the contestants (only in German)

Press release from December 1, 2006, What is high-altitude work? (only in German)