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Hungarian wins the Industrial Rope Access Cup 2010

The 5th open German championship in rope access, following thrilling competition, concluded with a narrow victory by the Hungarian Ligeti Márton. Of the 23 competitors from Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland and Lithuania, Ligeti Márton achieved victory with 782 total points. Last year’s winner Michael Rafikov from Russia reached second place, his countryman Evgeniy Venskyi third place. The best German, with a result of 751 points, and thus German champion was Knut Foppe, one of FISAT’s most experienced certifiers. The Berliner reached 5th place in the total ranking. The contestants had to compete on three different rope stations, with determining factors being both speed in rope ascent and descent as well as skillfulness.

List of the winning places.

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Open German Championship 2008

The fourth open German championship in industrial climbing was once again held in the heart of the scene, in Berlin. On August 2 at 9am, the "Tank Building" of Prenzlauer Berg's "Culture Brewery" was transformed into a climbers' temple. Where rock and pop concerts normally raise the roof, the 19 cup participants from four countries tightened their climbing belts and climbed the walls to prove their skills.

And the winning places:

  1. Mihael Rafikow (RUS) 10:57 Min. 
  2. Viktor Németh (HU) 11:54 
  3. Orban Balazs (HU) 12:09 
  4. Aleksandr Philippov (RUS) 12:24  
  5. Knut Foppe (GER) 14:35 
  6. Lenart Szabo (HU) 15:29


Impressions from the 3. Industrial Climber Cup 2007

Briefing to the competitors

Aleksandr Philippov from Russia

Many spectators in the scate hall: arround 700 wanted to see the best of all industrial rope-access workers.

The two women at the start.

Ingo Krüger, Germany, in action

Go Thilo, go!

The darlings of the public: Alexandra Anderlik und Anna Dudek

Anna Dudek won the women competition.

Most impressive!

The Winner - Aleksandr Philippov gained the best time of all the 28 competitors from 5 european countries

Thank you and congratulations to all competitors, the organisation team and all referees. See you 2008.

 Photos: Ralph Sinapius